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ESL Podcast 933 – Letting Go of the Past

Emma: I think it’s time.

Uday: I beg to differ.

Emma: You can’t live in the past. I know that you like reliving your glory days, but the only way to move on is to let go of the past.

Uday: I don’t want to move on. If you’ve had the life I’ve had, you’d cling to the past, too.

Emma: But your best days are still to come. Constantly harking back to days gone by doesn’t allow you to live in the moment and to plan for the future.

Uday: So what? I have my memories to comfort me in my old age.

Emma: You’re speaking as though your life were over. You’re still young.

Uday: Not as young I used to be.

Emma: These old trophies and football jerseys won’t keep you young.

Uday: Yes, but they help me remember some of the highlights of the old days. Did I ever tell you about the time I single-handedly won the game?

Emma: Uh…

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse



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Author: Trung Tâm Anh Ngữ LESH
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