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ESL Podcast 919 – Visiting Childcare Centers

Adam: What’s that?

Noelle: It’s a list of questions I’m going to ask at the childcare center when we visit today. I want to be prepared.

Adam: We already know that it’s licensed and has a good reputation. What other questions are you going to ask?

Noelle: Lots. For instance, I want to know what the ratio is of children to each childcare worker and what their staff turnover rate is.

Adam: Okay, I guess those are important questions.

Noelle: And I want to know what their policies are on disciplining the kids and what kinds of meals and snacks they serve.

Adam: Also good questions.

Noelle: And I want to find out their policies on sick kids and if they allow late pick-up.

Adam: Yeah, I guess those are really good questions, too.

Noelle: And I want to know if I can observe any time I want to and if there is a secure check-in/check- out system.

Adam: Those are all good questions, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve done your homework.

Noelle: That’s why you married me, right? Because I’m so practical?

Adam: If that’s why I married you, wouldn’t that make me the practical one?

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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