Viet kieu – Native English Teachers Needed

LESH English Center announces its wish to recruit English teachers as its supplementary staff. All young University undergraduates or graduates are encouraged to apply.

 Requirement: English Native applicants. (Students Instructors preferable)

 Status: Short-term contracts without social and medical insurance.

 Current rate of remuneration: $18-$25/ an hour

 Application should include: pictured CV with fixed and mobile phone numbers and email address, among others.

 Application should be in: 31 Giải Phóng, Hai Bà Trưng district

Come join us!

 For further information, please contact

Mr. Nate, Director.

or Mr.Huy, Vice Director

 Telephone: Mr.Nate: 0438528421 – 0915118608 – Mr.Huy: 094 5588891




Address 1: 31 Giai Phong – 043.852.8421

Address 2: 31, 159 Alley, Phao Dai Lang – 04.2216.4444

Address 3: E6, 234 Alley, Hoang Quoc Viet –



LESH English Center announces its wish to offer free Vietnamese lessons to foreigners living in Hanoi. All Businessman and foreigners are encouraged to apply.

Requirement: Foreigners being excited about learning Vietnamese as a second language

Purpose: A great chance to communicate with students of all universities in Hanoi

Fee: Completely free

Time: 10am-12am, 2pm-4pm ll once or twice a week

Applicants should be coming over  31 Giai Phong, Hai Ba Trung district for a short registration, and you will be having the schedule of free Vietnamese lessons right after that.

Note: other foreign students may freely contact us for participating in the LESH English Club (get to know Vietnamese students) taken place every Sunday at 6.30p.m-8.30p.m at 31 Giai Phong.

*Free Vietnamese lessons*

Come join us!

For further information, please contact

Mr. Nate, Director.

Phone: 0438528421-0915118608






Author: Trung Tâm Anh Ngữ LESH
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